Bharati sings the glory of the Mahatma, who came to revive the down- trodden people of India. In his poem saluting the Mahatma , Bharati compares him with the historical heroes of the Hindu scriptures: from the Ramayana – war, Hanuman, who brought a medicinal herb from the Sanjivi mountains to alleviate the effects of the nagapasa and save the life of Lakshmana; and in the Bhagavatam, Krishna, who shielded the lives of people and cattle with the Govardhan giri (mountain), from lightning and thunder caused by the fury of Indra.
Bharati pays homage to Gandhiji for creating a powerful strategy, which was new and simple, to treat the debilitating and cruel disease of foreign rule. He praises that Mahatma had introduced and brought into politics (which was filled with war, killing, enmity and cruelty) the basic principles of Advaita – the revelations of the Hindu thought that all beings are the embodiments of God and therefore, equal.
Bharati quotes Tagore in his poem, “The Mahatma is the leader of the men of the world and he is the embodiment of dharma.”
Bharati assured the people of India that by following the path shown by Mahatma, India will acquire freedom. He declared freedom for India and invited people to celebrate the victory: “Let us blow the conch to celebrate our success!”

Hail to thee, Mahatma!