Blog Launch – Bharati Day 2012


Bharati’s 130th birthday falls on December 11, 2012. I am delighted to launch this blog dedicated to my grandfather’s life and works on the anniversary of his birth!

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  1. Vish Jayaraman Avatar
    Vish Jayaraman

    I was listening to Bharati’s contribution to tamil literature, women’s freedom and rights, his desa bhakthi, etc yesterday in 105.9 FM, even though, i have read his essays, and poems in school, it was very powerful and touching. Kindly include his poems in tamil. thanks for your efforts

  2. vijayabharati Avatar

    I will be including Bharati’s poems as well as prose. Thank you for your support.

  3. indira nityanandam Avatar
    indira nityanandam

    i think translations into other indian languages should be taken up

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